captains inn

Captain's Inn

Just a few steps from Phil's Fish Market is the great historic 1906 Inn in Moss Landing. You can stay in the historic 1906 Pacific Coast Steamship Company building which has received a historic preservation award, or other equally great buildings. Very romantic and cozy with all the comfort you wish for.


Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

We are located in Moss Landing, CA which only has a population of about 500 people. But, on any given day, our population can soar to over 2,000 with people who come to work and play. We are known world wide because of our neighbors. The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute located to the left of us, is the sister organization to the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. The Research Institute carries out all of the research here in Moss Landing.


Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

To our right is Moss Landing Marine Laboratories which is actually run by University of California System.


Power Plant

Across the bridge, on Highway 1, is one of the most visible landmarks on the Monterey Bay, the PG&E smoke stacks.

elkhorn slough

Elkhorn Slough

Other points of interest are the numerous antique shops and the natural wonders of the Elkhorn Slough. After lunch why not check it out. There's a visitor's center to get you on your way. It's nature at it's wildest! There are nature tours of the slough on a pontoon boat, which are lead by Elkhorn Slough Safari.

monterey dunes

Monterey Dunes

Monterey Dunes is a wonderful retreat located on the beach about a mile from here.


California King Salmon

If your interested in learning more about California King Salmon visit their official web site.


KPIG 107oink5

And the radio station we love and listen to here, is KPIG 107oink5.

pj scot

Part of the DiGirolamo Family passion is breeding scottish terriers. Check out Judy DiGirolamo's site showing all her award winning scottish terriers.


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