Live Music

Come to Phil’s and enjoy live bluegrass music Monday through Thursday nights

Bluegrass Music at Phil's

1st & 3rd Monday – Bean Creek
2nd & 4th Monday – Courthouse Ramblers
5th Monday (if there is one) – Bean Creek

1st Tuesday – AJ Lee and Blue Summit
2nd Tuesday – The Abbott Family Band
3rd, 4th & 5th Tuesday – Glad to Be Here

1st Wednesday – Glad to Be Here
2nd Wednesday – Mr. Banjo and the Lonesome Wailers
3rd Wednesday – Glad to Be Here
4th Wednesday – Trail Rider Band (The real Salinas Cowboy Rodeo Band)
5th Wednesday – Glad to Be Here

Every Thursday – The Sand Dabs

About the bands

AJ Lee and Blue Summit

“AJ Lee & Blue Summit are pure, beautiful American music. Soaring harmonies, top notch picking and strumming as well as a healthy respect and reverence for the classic country, bluegrass and folk music of the past all add up to a band who are masters of the genre…The band are great torch bearers of the music that helped build America. ”

-Eric Oblander

The Abbott family
They play old, pre-20th century songs with a traditional bluegrass sound. Their repertoire includes standards like ‘East Virginia’ and ‘Rabbit in a Log’, along with many gems that are rarely heard today, such as ‘When the Bees are in the Hive’. In fact, often someone will come up to them and say, “I haven’t heard that song since my childhood . . . my mother used to sing that to me.”


Bean Creek
They has won Best Bluegrass Band for the last two years as awarded by the Northern California Bluegrass Society. Billy won Best Male vocalist(and has for the last 6 out of 7 yrs), Peter Hicks won best mandolin player and Rob Horgan won Best Banjo Player. You can get more bio info from the above links.


Courthouse Ramblers
Traditional bluegrass, lots of gospel and nice harmonies


Glad to Be Here

4 piece traditional bluegrass, old country, tight harmonies (Billy Pitrone, Sarah Eblen, Henry Warde and Ella Warde)


Mr Banjo & the Lonesome Wailers
This quartet of accomplished musicians have effectively distilled a wide variety of music from different disciplines into an acoustic mix that will keep your foot tapping and leave nothing but a good feeling on your way home.


Trail Rides Band (AKA the Rodeo Band)
Real country, cowboy and western swing


The Sand Dabs

A lively, engaging, and tight band that covers a wide variety of danceable music for any occasion (Jim Fegan the guitar wizard, Danny Diaz, the legendary drummer from Santa Rita, Robert Hart with the golden voice and Beatle bass, and Darryl Cornell, guitar and vocals)


No reservations —always first come, first served.

Summer Hours
We are open 7 days a week from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm